Setting up account is fairly easy. Just follow the create new account link. Provide the necessary details and you are good to go.

We collect minimal data for user registration. The data is used to personalize your account not to sell you out. You just need to provide your name email-id username and complete the challenge to prove that you are human not a bot.

Mobile app is a native app which is stored on your mobile phone and runs from there. Mobile web app is basically a shortcut which opens a website in mobile friendly from inside a frame which eliminates need to manually type the website addrese in the mobile browser. In fact you don’t even have to open the mobile browser.

Our apps support almost all phones and operating systems. Just download our app to try out and reach to us if you encounter any issues whatsoever. we are always there tpo help you out.

We follow latest security guidelines and follow best practices to provide maximum security to the users. In case you doubt anything related with app security just drop us a lie and we will be more than happy to take care of the issue.

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