Managing content has never been easier

Our apps are jam-packed with powerful and useful features and we constantly add more awesome stuff every day.

Bring your favorite content to life!

Using and reusing content

Upload videos, images, PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel files. Use any YouTube link or live video stream. Play audio files. Or show any web page you want. Display your social media feeds. Create news tickers and more. Use your corporate dashboards.

Content adaptation

Videos are auto-adapted for perfect playback. Web pages are auto-zoomed to fit all resolutions, and all your cool PowerPoint animations work flawlessly.


Digitally signed schedule files, SSL, firewall, and password policies. Basically all the enterprise-grade security you’ll ever need.

Custom Widgets

Why use online web pages when you can zip your HTML/JS app and deliver it straight to your players. Use a transparent background and set your app free from CORS.

A breeze to set up

Our apps come pre-configured with your settings. Just plug them in, they will connect to the Internet and start playback instantly.

Cable, wireless or mobile, it’s up to you

Our apps support Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks, including proxies, static IPs and more. Add a 3G/4G/LTE dongle and you go mobile too. It just works.

Use just one player, or thousands

Our apps are based on cloud technologies. It allows you to manage a single monitor, but can scale up effortlessly to thousands if and when you need to. Go forth and multiply!

Simple, intuitive user interface

Our apps provides a comprehensive management portal so you can control your content and screens with just a few clicks. No boring training or tutorials required.

Drag-and-drop layout editing

Get creative with our quick & easy show editor and break free from standard layouts or simple full screen views. Design visually stunning screen layouts and bring your content to life.

Mobile-enabled management

The AltXCode management portal supports mobile browsers, so you can easily check on the status of your screens or even upload files while on the road.

Help and support is always at hand

Not sure if you can handle it? Our Support Team is always there to help you out. You submit a ticket and magically get help remotely! For free!

Managing content has never been easier
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